Eat Out NJ: Enjoying Coal Oven Pizza & More at Fratelli’s in Elmwood Park

5 Mar


Fratelli’s Coal Fire Pizza is a welcoming new comer to the highly competitive pizza game in northern NJ, opening their doors in early January 2013.

Since opening their doors we have visited them over a dozen of times and I am happy to report they have become one of EATOUTNJ’s go to places to get one of the best pizza’s NJ has to offer.

The owners of Fratelli’s are not new to the pizza or Italian food business, before opening Fratelli’s they successfully ran Travatto’s a zagat rated Italian eatery which transformed into what is known as Fratelli’s today and they continue to run another restaurant by the same name of the former in Oakland.
20130305-024829.jpgFrom your first steps through the door you’re welcomed with the sight of a majestic large Coal Fire Oven that sits to the right of the dining tables. The restaurant’s dinning room is not large, only approx 15 tables, which gets packed on the weekends.

On the other side of the dining tables sits a circular bar which provides ample seating to those seeking a quality beverage while catching a game, but as you may have guessed we did not come here for the game, but rather to get a taste of their pie.

On our last visit we started with their coal-fired wings.

The wings are an Italian/American twist on your staple hot wing.  But instead of being fried and tossed in hot sauce these bad boys are roasted in the coal fire oven to a perfect crisp with olive oil, vidalia onions and sweet red bell peppers. The wings are very reminiscent to the wings served at Anthony Coal Oven Pizza in Clifton.





The extreme high heat from the open fire imparts the crisp wings with a delectable smokiness while the sea salt & olive oil brings everything together and showcases the simplicity of rustic Italian cooking in the form of a chicken wing.

This appetizer is a winner and has only gotten better and better each of our last few visits as the chefs have gotten comfortable with the intensely hot coal oven. ($7.99)

On a few of our last few visits we have begun to order the shrimp beeps, which have become a go to item.

We continued our culinary adventure with an order of their shrimp beeps, a dish which has a deep history in Northern NJ Italian American cooking.

Today the dish is not found on many menus anymore, except for a handful of establishments such as the Belmont Tavern in Belleville which I hear has quite the history of its own.

I have never had shrimp beeps before ordering them from Fratelli’s but the easiest way to describe them it’s very similar to shrimp fradiavlo.

The order of plump 8 shrimp are lightly breaded and fried and topped with a spicy flavorful marinara sauce.


I’m not a fan of spicy sauces, but this is an exceptional dish and superb way to start your meal. I have ordered it just about every subsequent time since the first time ordering it. ($7.99)

The shrimps are very fresh, plump and meaty. Not overcooked at all. It pairs very well with the spicy yet extremely flavorful marinara.

On another visit our table ordered the fried “Calamare” no I did not misspell. This is how it is spelled on the menu, and believe it was intended by the ownership to spell it that way. Being raised from an Italian American household I learned from an early age, this was the “proper” north nj pronunciation, capiche. ($7.99)


This dish is another winner. I found the portion size to be a fair amount. Enough for three people to amply enjoy and start a meal.

The Calamare are lightly battered and fried to perfection. None of the calamari were overcooked, and they had a nice light crispy exterior yet were very tender inside. The excellent calamari comes paired with a side of sauce. You have the choice of sweet, medium and hot. I highly recommend the calamare, and honestly you can not go wrong with any of the three dishes to start your meal.


And now for the highlight of the meal, the pizza. It is something we’ve ordered every time we have eaten there. The pizza is one of the best Thin Crust Pizza’s in the general New Jersey area.

The pizzas are always cooked well done -  Meaning very crispy is the standard.

The highlights of the pie are the use of quality ingredients such as high quality fresh mozzarella, sheep milk romano cheese, extra virgin olive oil,  a freshly made san marzano tomato sauce, a crust made of quality flour; all of which is brought together by the use of a High heat coal fire oven.

All of this amounts to nothing if you don’t have an excellent pizza maker – who are an expert of their craft and know how to make a consistent pie and exhibit great control over a coal oven which can easily burn and overcook the food you bake in it.

The pizza is topped with high quality ingredients such as fresh mozzarella which is laid down on the pizza before the sauce is put on. And their is a very good reason for it; by placing the cheese on before the sauce helps keep the pie from getting soggy and allows the pie to retain more crispiness. The sauce is a very fresh tasting Mariana like sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes. It’s a bit tart yet is balanced with a touch of sweetness from the quality tomatoes.


The ratio of sauce to cheese is conservative. The pie is covered with one layer of thin slices of fresh mozzarella. The sauce is then sporadically placed throughout the pie. Not to little/ not to much.

The dough has a very nice consistency. It has a wonderful flavor, similar to a freshly baked chibata.  There is a chewiness to the crust yet it has a wonderful crispy exterior. It is the perfect balance of crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the inside.

The pie is baked to crispy perfection in about 3/4 minutes. This is an excellent representation of coal oven pizza and one of my favorite styles of pizza. So naturally this has become one of my go to pizzerias.

Between Pizza Town USA and Fratelli’s I have my two favorite pizzerias within two miles of my home.

The quality of their pie is second to none. The only other pizzerias’ of the same style or similar that I say is in the same caliber in the North NJ region I would say are Grimaldi’s of Hoboken, Queen Margarita in Nutley (Neapolitan style – cooked in a wood fire oven) and Amano of Ridgewood, (also Neapolitan style).

Brooklyn Pizza in Hackensack, used to be a favorite. It was the first place I ever experienced this style of pizza as a child. It used to be amazing, but as the owners branched out with a number of pizzerias throughout the region, the quality was affected and the standard of the consistency fell.

The prices are pretty consistent with pizza of this quality. $11.99 for a small and $14.99 for a large.

The service has always been attentive, the food at times can take a little while to come out. But it usually comes out fairly quick.

I give Fratelli’s 4.5 stars for the pizza – based on the quality of ingredients, the consistency of the thinness and crispness of the pie and its texture and taste.

The appetizers get a solid 4 overall – based on the amount given, the freshness and quality of the product, it’s execution and the taste and texture of the appetizers.

I highly recommend their pizza and all the dishes ordered, especially the wings and shrimp beeps.

Overall I give Fratelli’s 4 stars for consistency, service, quality of food and overall experience.

Fratelli’s Coal Fired Pizza can be contacted at:
206 Route 46 East
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
Phone: 201.797.7552

Rip Off Alert – Queen Anne Wines – Teaneck

8 Oct


The above photo is of Total Wines in River Edge. Which I highly recommend


Queen Anne Wine & Spirit Emporium (charges twice the above listed price for the same 6 bottles of Founders Porter)

247 Degraw Avenue,
Teaneck, NJ 07666
(201) 692-1555

My first visit to Queen Anne Wines dates back to 2011 after I received a recommendation regarding Queen Anne’s quality beer selection during one of my nights out eating at the always phenomenal fried chicken restaurant Peck Peck chicken.

I have always held the establishment in great light primarily due to their personable and knowledgable beer expert Jerry.

His wonderful craft beer recommendations have continued to bring me back to your store.

But after the disappointing fiasco which I experienced here on Sunday 10/7/12 primarily due to subpar customer service and bad business practices I doubt I will be returning back and feel it is my duty to warn customers and report on the bad business practices at the establishment.

The store advertises they have some of the best prices around, but after they tried to charge me $19.26 for a 6 pack of Founders Porter, it becomes evident what they advertise and what they do are polar opposites. Elsewhere the average price for Founders Porter is $10.99.

After eating at Peck Peck we stopped in for a quick browse around the store and we eyed one of our favorite beers, Founders Porter only in single bottles. We asked the GM Kris Savoy if they did not have 6 packs of a beer if we could put together a 6 pack of single bottles of the same beer and be charged the price of the 6 pack instead of the single bottle rate. She said yes, absolutely.

We rounded up and put together our 6 pack up and went up to pay.

The cashier rung me up $20 plus tax. I explained that must be a mistake, I was supposed to be charged the normal price of the 6 pack which is about $11. She quickly stated that Founders Porter does not come in 6 packs. She went on to say they only sell it single bottle because it would just be two expensive to sell it by the 6 pack.

The rude cashier insisted that the beer is delivered to the store as single bottles not 6 packs and therefore CAN NOT AND IS NOT OFFERED for the price of a 6 pack. I replied that the store manager stated she would sell the 6 beers at the 6 pack price. I found that to be quite strange since typically beer that is wholesaled is delivered to the store by the case with 4 six packs in it.

After a 10 minute wait for the store manager to confirm what she stated earlier, she came over to go back on her word and said that Founders Porter does not come in 6 packs so they would not be able to sell it for other then $20, but offered 10 percent off the $20 price. $2 dollars off, which they felt was an amazing deal that I can’t refuse. I think not.

I find it very disappointing for any establishment that promises the best prices and customer service in the area that they would would practice such dishonest and shifty business practices.

I have never been to a liquor store which would not sell 6 single bottles of the same beer for the 6 pack for the listed or suggested average 6 pack price. I can understand demand and up charging a small premium for highly in demand beers but to charge a 100 percent up charge from the competition down the street is outrageous..

This company really needs to get their act together. Instead of providing customer service they are more interested in having their employees’ 7 year old children running around the store like it’s a playground and having their dogs roam through out the establishment aimlessly.

My recommendation for craft beer in the area is hands down Total Wines 6 minutes away. The prices are the best, they will match any competitors price and the selection is second to none.

After leaving I drove down to Total Wines and paid the proper price of $10.99 for the 6 pack of founders porter.

It’s my journalistic duty to say Buyers beware!!!

Queen Anne should be ashamed of themselves for trying to rip off their customers by marking up a 6 pack by over 100% more then their competition. In the end it will only isolate them from the close knit craft beer community. I can only laugh about this sad and disappointing experience.

BUCU Burger Bar & Bakery – Silly Name – Serious Burgers

17 Aug


BUCU Burger Bar & Bakery
35 Plaza, Route 4, Paramus, NJ 07652

When I first learned about a new burger joint opening in Bergen County, two things initially went through my mind.

The first was me noting to myself the need to have to stop in and try their burger and the second was me asking myself why the name BUCU?

I soon learned our culinary masters of the griddle were also masters of the oven. The story of Rick and his wife teaming together to bring best of both worlds and offer exceptional BUrgers & CUpcakes together under one roof is both inspiring and mouth watering. The play on words that is the company name is not only playful but it’s the simplicity of it which happens to be a key to their success esp with how they prepare their amazing burgers.

That playfulness in their name continues as soon as you walk through their doors. From the great and well thought out interior to the wonderful and enticing photographs of their burgers and cupcakes that line the walls to the happy employees who are eagerly waiting to take your order. Right from the get go you can tell that this isn’t your run of the mill fast food joint where the smiles are forced. You can tell the staff is truly happy to work here. The environment screams work hard but have fun at the same time. The menu itself is very playful and even whimsical. Two words: cupcake milkshake.

BUCU sits on Route 4 close to the Rt 17 junction that is also known as the 7th level of Dante’s Inferno.

Nestled between a Houllahans, a Starbucks and a Chipotle BUCU is an easy lunch choice each and every time.

They offer one of my favorite things in the world, griddle cooked burgers.

And yes we are in the Mecca of burgers. As one fellow blogger put it, we live in “Burger County” The competition is steep. Within a 2 mile radius. You have Bobby’s Burger Palace, which I have a love hate relationship with, mostly due to inconsistency. The Eatentown Location is leaps and bounds better then their Paramus loc, but we will save that for another day.

You have Smashburger (awesome if they were not so damn salty) which is down the road from BUCU on Rt 4, you have two Five Guys (Lodi and Hackensack) one of my favorite chains.

You have the World Renown White Manna, which is easily the Best Slider in NJ if not the East Coast. You have the $17 ritzy ditzy but out of this world burger from Houston’s in Hackensack (also a lafrieda user), which I LOVE and also happens to be next door to Smashburger. Elevation Burger, Zinburger, Blu, The Red Hen in Moonachie. The list can go on and on.

And then you have the burger wannabes at Boom Burger, who also source their meat from the same people BUCU sources from, but the 2 burgers are night and day when compared to each other. Simply put Boom is the antithesis of BUCU, more concerned with serving large neon fishbowl drinks to business men staying at the hotel next door then respecting well sourced ingredients.

And this brings me to the grand importance of quality ingredients, but great ingredients don’t cook themselves and if the time is not spent to properly execute you might want to reconsider your concept and save your money and not buy from LaFreida.

This is where BUCU excels at, its their consistency of how they cook burgers spot on each and every time. Even more so it is how they RESPECT the meat they are working with. When you are given four ounces of top quality Pat LaFreida black angus beef mixed from three specially selected cuts, you better respect it and do that meat justice.

And Justice is had each and every bite. They keep it simple. A touch of salt and pepper. And you are offered to select from three different buns, I am a sucker for Potato rolls. But they also offer ciabatta and for the health conscious they offer wheat.

They offer a wide selection of extremely fresh produce. Anyone that knows me, knows one of my LARGEST PEEVES ON EARTH IS WILTED/LIMP LETTUCE. It disgusts me.

Happy to say, BUCU respects lettuce as they do beef and you are always given crisp leaf lettuce. Not that iceberg garbage.

An added bonus for tomato lovers are the use of Roma tomatoes, which happen to always be juicy and ripe and lend an added dimension of texture and flavor to an already great burger.

They offer 6 cheeses. Adam enjoys going with the Swiss which pairs very well with their outstanding smokey bacon. My personal go to is their cheddar which melts to stringy perfection.

I rate burgers on three major areas. The first and most important is the beef, it makes up 50% of the equation. The second and third make up the other half. 25 % is allotted for the burger to bun ratio and how the bun holds up to the burger and the final 25% is based on the toppings.

Meat (48) The meat is damn near close to perfect. Top quality beef which is cooked to perfection each and every time. On the outside the burger has a wonderful caramelized crust which has a touch of salt and pepper while the burger’s interior remains juicy and moist on the inside. Great texture and immense flavor.

Bun (24) The bun is a simple potato roll, which works perfectly with the burger. It does not hide it, it lets the beef do the talking while it does its job to hold up to the burger.

Topping (25) The toppings from the cheese selection to the top quality produce is always spot on.

Rating: 97 out of 100 points

Beyond the great burgers they also offer fantastic sides; from awesome haystack onions to some of the best waffle style sweet potato fries in the area.

This is hands down easily the best fast food roadhouse griddle burger in North NJ if not all of NJ. Why bother traveling to NYC for Shack Shake when we have BUCU right here in our back yard!

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Peck Peck, Korean Fried Chicken at its Finest!

5 Aug

I have a deep love for great fried chicken, be it southern style (I grew up on Roy Rogers) which I have always felt was far superior to the lackluster KFC, that was until I got to try the other KFC Korean Fried Chicken that is. I was first introduced to this gift to the culinary world about 5 years ago at Bon Chon, a Korean based chain which is one of the more well known with many new store fronts popping open on both the east and west coast. They were the standard, that was until I entered a small nondescript storefront in Teaneck. Enter Peck Peck.


Peck Peck is a small family owned shop that is run by a husband and wife team. They are mostly a take out business, but they have about 4/5 tables if you care to eat in.


As soon as I took a bite of this heavenly chicken I was hooked. It wasn’t to long before we became junkies, I mean regulars.

They use fresh never frozen high quality whole wings which are trimmed and separated wings and drumettes. You can order it in a variety of order sizes ranging from 5 to 20, with your choice of just wings, drumettes or a mix of both.

They have a variety of sides ranging from excellent daikon radishes, kimchi to our staple double fried steak fries. Super crunchy on the outside with a baked potato like interior.

The chicken comes two ways; soy garlic and spicy which also has hints of soy/garlic. which you can also order mixed.

Both flavors are outstanding, tons and I mean tons of bold yet delicate flavors. The soy garlic wings have many layers of flavor yet remain extremely well balanced, they can be described as mildly sweet yet savory, I pick up flavors of brown sugar, perhaps a touch of honey, soy, a bit of ginger and garlic.


What really makes these wings so special is the crunch, the unbelievable crispness and the cooking process involved that gives these wings its super crisp paper thin crust.


The chicken is double fried first on a low fry which allows it to render out all the fat from underneath these delicate wings and a second fry at a higher temp to provide it with its unbelievable crispness.

The wings are then coated with their secret recipe. The magical part is the wings never get soggy nor are they messy or greasy.


As you can see in the below picture how thin the crust is.


We have ventured throughout many of the Korean communities in NJ including Fort Lee, Leonia, Palisades Park, Bergenfield, Tenafly as well as NY to try many of the local KFCs’ and I can tell you without hesitation these are the best in the NJ region.



Peck Peck Chicken is located at 250 Degraw Ave, Teaneck, NJ 07666. I suggest you call ahead as the chicken takes approx 20 minutes to cook so it will be ready once you get there.

Porter House, Montvale, NJ It’s a love hate relationship

3 Aug

The Porter House in Montvale has wooed me and booed me all within two weeks apart.

The culinary adventure starts about 2/3 weeks ago, My first time back in over a year and it was an amazing experience to say the least.

Everything was spot on, from great service, to awesome never before seen beers to really great comfort food such as fish and chips and new England lobster rolls, which were packed with a whooping amount of fresh knuckle and tail meat.

The rolls were the perfect treat for a hot summer night, they were lightly mixed with mayo and celery and sat on top a toasted potato bun.

The potato bun was my biggest gripe, as I wish they used the traditional new England style hot dog bun, but it was good either way. Really good.

This is as close as you can get to the real thing wo a road trip up to New England.

The best part was they gave you two generously filled rolls for $20, which in my eyes was an awesome deal.

Fish and chips were spot on. Crispy batter, flaky soft cod. What more can you ask for?

Great beer? Check. They have over 20 taps all solid brews. Most are all locals. My personal fav at the moment. . . River horse El Hefe. Homage to your American style hefeweisen. A very very solid brew. It’s very hard to find as its not even rated on beer advocate as of yet 8/1/2012.

So Fast forward a week to last Friday was really having the cold shakes, I needed lobster, preferably in salad form in a toasted bun. Porter house jumped to the top of my list as to where I wanted and needed to eat that night.

So off we went. It was around 7 on a Friday night and they were a packed house.

After the last cpl of times i have reallly taken a liken to this bustling pub/cigar room and I mean I really like this place A LOT.

So as you can imagine I was really looking forward to eating there again.

Perhaps it was just an off night, sure it was a Friday night and they were very busy. The biggest warning sign was that they really seemed to be understaffed for a Friday night.

Its sad to say, but things started off on the wrong foot.

The drink order took longer then usual to come around.

But once it came, I ordered a beer flight and Adam ordered a pint of porter.

We also ordered an app with the drink order, we kept it simple; mozz sticks.

Fast forward about 15 minutes. Drinks finally arrive. Yet the app was still no where to be found. Sure, mozzarella sticks are extremely complex and take painstakingly long to prepare, but even something so complex usually doesn’t take that long lol.

Once the drinks arrived we gave our dinner order. Adam once again ordered the fish n chips which like i mentioned earlier were excellent last time around.

Since the reason I wanted to come in the first place was not on the menu tonight I decided to go with the so called “ultimate burger” ordered medium rare, with cheddar and thick smokey bacon on a seeded toasted brioche bun.

We then waited some for the app.

Drank a bit.

Waited a bit more.

The wait provided us with plenty of time to relax and enjoy really great beer.

No app, but after 45 minutes the food finally made it to us.

I am an optimistic kinda guy, I always tell myself great things come to those who patiently wait.
Well if u love ur burger cooked to the point it looks like ur aunt Gertrude’s mystery meat road kill meat loaf then this could surely be considered a great thing.

Unfortunate for me I am not a fan of dry overcooked hamburgers and was really let down by the ultimate burger.

Ultimate let down! It was so dry that I couldn’t get past half of it.

I was really unhappy. The hostess came by and Asked how was everything. I asked her what the temp looked on the burger.

She agreed it was way over cooked and offered to cook me a new one. I didn’t want to wait for a new one while my partner ate his dinner.

Sure it was a let down. ESP since I have heard such great things about the burger, ESP reading the high regard given to it by well known nj food blogger tommy eats.

So I must say I am torn between a cpl of great experiences and one lousy one, the week previous they must of had one of the best specials ever, two new England style lobster rolls for about $20 bucks which is with out a doubt a really really awesome deal.

The rolls were packed with a ton of big chunks of tail and knuckle meat, they were really amazing and u could tell super fresh, just cooked that day lobster, with lemon, salt, pepper, celery and light on mayo. It was really good, almost as good as u get in Boston,

No doubt I am willing to give them another shot, hoping that they can knock me out of my socks,

This establishment has the capability of becoming one of the best in north NNJ if they can focus on managing to establish quality consistency.

Until then, it love hate.











The Yard House Comes to Palisades Center Mall

30 Jul

One of our favorite joints comes to the neighborhood! The Yard House finally opens at the, Palisades Center Mall.

We have been to YH in Vegas, Florida, and Yonkers previously, and after getting an invite, we couldn’t pass up the soft opening this weekend.

As seen from the pics. They boast quite the selection of brews of all kinds at all times. Roger can bask in Belgian glory while I get my Stout on :) If you cant find a beer that you like here, you are hopeless, but fear not, as the full bar is still there to meet all your thirsty needs :D

The YH is also a full family restaurant, with great appetizers and entrees and a lot of table and booth space away from the bar, a well lit open kitchen like Houston’s and unfinished industrial high ceilings reminiscent of the old NYC nightclubs. There is many TVs on different sports, Yankees and Olympics today….

The food is a good step up here in comparison to similar restaurants. Don’t miss out on the Tuna Sashimi Poke, marinated in sesame goodness, the classic country fried chicken, the firecracker chicken or the pretty unique and suprisingly meaty swordfish taco (also in pork, galbi, & asada). Theres a very eclectic mix on this menu, something to match almost any beer style or taste, and should have a lil something for everyone from the kids on up.
Don’t miss out on the creme brulee, with a dark chocolate bottom and topped with crunchy bananas foster!

The service at all locations has always been great. Friendly and very knowledgeable on beers. Keep in mind this location is very new, and for the area is an insane sized selection to learn…so bare with some of the servers.

This is probably the best place in the area to just go and grab some friends, grab some brews, order a table covered in appetizers and just hang out….I look foreward to doing so as often as I possibly can.

We at EatOutNJ want to extend our best welcome to the new location on our side of the river….as well as issue a warning….TGIFridays….the Yard House is comin for your ass!!!









Shore Finds: The Best of the Best from Down the Shore

21 Jul Shore Finds


During the summer, our team at Eat Out NJ take two things very serious: finding the best eats and, not too far behind, great beers to wash it down that can be found down the shore. 

So in the spirit of summer we take you on a tour of the best eats at the shore.

Eatoutnj’s first stop is 10 minutes north of Asbury Park to one of the best and most authentic Cantonese seafood houses in the area, West Lake Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant in Matawan serves up some of the freshest and tastiest seafood around, such as crispy salt & pepper shrimp, littleneck clams with black bean sauce, and lobster and Dungeness crab served in three different styles.

They also serve dim sum daily. From the freshest shellfish to some of the best Chinese food outside Chinatown, West Lake is not to be missed. Be sure to try the lobster with ginger & scallions and snow pea leaves‐‐and thank Roger later.

An entirely different type of ethnic cuisine can be found at Grimaldi’s in Atlantic Highlands.

One of New York City’s most famous pizzerias is now one of the shore’s best spots to grab an amazing pizza pie. Since it was awarded top pizza in Manhattan by Zagat, it has gained notoriety as one of the best pizzerias in the country.It all starts with their prized coal oven and ends with bubbling fresh mozzarella on top of a paper‐thin crispy crust. Perfection!

Continuing south on our journey, we head into Asbury Park to visit the Langosta Lounge, an eclectic restaurant headed by one of the best restaurateurs and chefs in South Jersey. This restaurant takes its inspiration from many cultures but it is all held together by its use of smart ingredients and locally farmed and sourced produce. Be sure to try the pork taco appetizer.

As we continue down the road and exit in Long Branch, stopping for an unforgettable lunch at a true New Jersey institution, to the original branch of the Windmill chain.

You know you’re in for something special as soon as you walk in, from the unique vintage décor and layout to one of the tastiest hot dogs in the state. These aren’t your average supermarket dogs‐‐these are what legends are made of. These hot dogs are in a natural casing that is cooked to perfection. So many things are going on here: crunch, char on the outside, and a center that is juicy and cooked just right. This is the ideal down the shore cheap eat treat!

Our next shore stop is at Meat in Forked River. This is one of the only places in New Jersey that smokes respectable down South BBQ. The pulled pork is so good it would even leave your Southern friends in awe; if you don’t have any Southern friends, go make some so you can take them here and earn Southern points.

We head further south to the Atlantic City area for—believe it or not—cheesesteak.  During one of my many sales calls we found what we think is easily one of the best cheesesteaks outside of Philly, at the White House. Not only are their cheesesteaks simply amazing, but they also have the best Italian subs around.

Legend has it that Ol’ Blue Eyes used to have them shipped to him when ever he would get homesick while performing out in Vegas From the great prices to the top‐notch freshly baked bread to the excellent meat that they use, we promise you will be satisfied.

Lastly, no trip down the shore would be complete without that summertime staple: soft‐serve ice cream. We are fortunate that New Jersey is home to several branches of the wonderful Kohr Bros. Frozen  Custard. It’s available in several shore locales such as Ocean City, Wildwood, Stone Harbor and Cape May. Try the orange sherbert/vanilla twist. Tell them Eat Out NJ sent you.  For all your food recommendations, contact Eat Out NJ at

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